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Deploy, manage, scale, and version
your applications with a single command

What Can Rio Do For You?

What if you could combine the power of Istio, Knative, and Kubernetes into a command as simple to use as docker run? Rio is a Kubernetes-based MicroPaaS, and with only a few keystrokes you can deploy, manage, scale, and version stateless applications in any Kubernetes cluster.

Quickly Deploy and Manage Your Apps

You can deploy and manage your applications with speed and confidence.


Installs into any Kubernetes cluster.


Uses Prometheus, Knative and Istio under the hood.

Smart Scaling

Automatic scaling based on Layer 4 and Layer 7 metrics from Prometheus.

Your Apps Are Secure By Default

All your applications launch with the most secure network configuration possible.


Your workloads receive a DNS record and a wildcard certificate from LetsEncrypt.


Rio integrates with Kubernetes RBAC for maximum security.

Safety Net Included

Your applications automatically include resource constraints for the best cluster performance.

The Best New Release Experience for Your Users

Stage and promote new releases in a way that continually gives your users the best experience possible.

Streamline Your Pipeline

Rio can watch a remote repository, and you can tell it to automatically build and deploy new releases when you commit changes.

Always Running Smoothly

When rolling out new versions of your application, Rio understands the current load and scales up for maximum performance.

Here's How it Works

In this video quickstart, we show you how easy it is to install Rio and start deploying and upgrading services without having to manage Kubernetes, Istio, or Knative. Watch and see how easy it is.


Rio is your ticket to the place where containers are fun.

At Rancher Labs, all of our products are focused on making Kubernetes simple to use for everybody. Even still, our teams were frustrated by how much effort is required to manage tools like Istio and Knative.

We built Rio so developers could deploy, manage, scale, and version their applications with a single command.

How To Get Started

Step 1

Deploy Rio into a Kubernetes Cluster

Step 2

Create a Simple Service

Step 3

Scale and Promote a New Version

That’s it! With just a few commands, you're at a place
where app deployment is easy and fun.

Here's how Rio is Built

Rio creates an experience on Istio and Knative, and presents an easy way to manage every aspect of your application.

Rio Features Include:

  • Automatic DNS and HTTPS
  • HTTP Load Balancing
  • HTTP Routing
  • HTTP Metrics
  • Autoscaling
  • Canary Deployments
  • Git-Triggered Deployments

Want to do more than just manage a bunch of services?